What It's Like To Be A Brother Of Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Delaware

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed community service fraternity located at many colleges throughout the country. Ever since joining it, I have made incredible friends and experienced events and places I never get the opportunity to otherwise! This organization has shaped mine and many others’ college experiences in an extremely positive way. Here is a little snapshot of what it’s like to be a Brother!

Explaining to people that a Frat can have both boys and girls

Here is how the conversation normally goes:

Friend: What’s APO?

APO brother: It’s a co-ed community service fraternity.

Friend: Isn’t a fraternity just for boys?

APO brother:

Being overwhelmed by the pledging process.

Thinking you won’t make it through 15 hours of community service, 2 fellowship events, chapter and pledge meetings each week, other pledge required events and, oh, did I mention 31 interviews?

Thinking you have joined a cult when you first hear the toast song.

Explaining to sorority girls that, yes, you can wear sweatpants to chapter and no one will care.


Getting too excited about the clothing order.

Seeing someone wearing APO clothing and realizing you have never seen their face before in your life.

UD’s chapter has over 300 people, so it’s almost impossible to know everyone in it.

Asking yourself why you signed up for an event at 7:30 in the morning.

Trying to appeal to potential littles like:

Keeping APO online open on your computer so you can sign up for all your favorite events!

Making your best friends through doing what you LOVE!