We Tested Carefree Acti-Fresh Twist Resist Panty Liners and Here's Our Verdict

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Our friends at Her Campus recently sent us quite the supply of Carefree Acti-Fresh Twist Resist panty liners which we are so excited about! Carefree is focused on providing young women with the best quality products at an affordable price. Carefree acti-fresh panti liners are light and discreet, odor free and focused on maintaining that fresh feeling all day long. We tried certain activities while wearing the liners to prove how awesome this product really is. Here are testimonials from real college women who tried out these products.

1. Yoga

My morning yoga class is always more of a hassle when on my period. I typically wear a tampon and liner, but sometimes liners in the past have gotten uncomfortable to say the least (winky face). These liners stayed in place and I’m never going back to my old brand.

2. Running

I’m a distance runner and, being on my period, I often worry about bleeding through my leggings or getting my liner caught in a bad location. Carefree stayed in place and didn’t even get sweaty for my entire three mile run.

3. Sleeping

I prefer to not sleep in tampons. I can’t go 12 hours and not worry about getting TSS from wearing tampons for this long of a time. Instead, I prefer panty liners while in bed. On my heaviest day, Carefree stayed in place in my restless sleep and kept me worry free about bleeding through.

4. Figure skating

My favorite figure skating dress is white, which certainly gets in the way when I have a show with Aunt Flow. Carefree stayed in place for my entire routine and kept me confident that I didn’t have any embarrassing stains.

5. Volleyball

Volleyball with a panty liner sucks. I’m always moving around, diving, splitting and I constantly feel my panty liner wedging up my vag crack. It’s uncomfortable to say the least. Carefree kept up it’s game (of staying in place) while I kept up my game.

6. Full day of classes

I have classes all day from 9:30-5 (at least it’s only Tuesday/Thursday!). My old liners always got nasty, but not Carefree! No weird odors with these liners.

There you have it, Carefree Acti-Fresh Twist-Resist Oanty Liners are the way to lead your best life!