We Asked our Campus Correspondents What The "Incident" At Their High School Was, They Answered

Ever wonder what your high school will go down in infamy for? Our Campus Correspondents Kaylee and Addison know all about their alma matters' "incidents".

Kaylee: Avon Grove High School, West Grove, PA.

It happened a few years before I got there, but some students from my school took after the novel The Help and baked their very own poop cake to give to another student. The poor student ended up sharing the cake with her friends and family without knowing exactly what “flavor” it was and long story short, this is the only thing that my high school has made national headlines for ever. An honorable mention also goes to my class for using their one and only senior prank to throw blue (the senior class’ color) dildos at the juniors during a pep rally. None of the teachers or faculty wanted a photo of them holding a blue dildo to surface and therefore they refrained from picking them up so most of the toys sat on the gym floor for a while after the pep rally ended. Aside from that we had the usual “incidents”. a handful of incarcerated teen drug dealers, a sophomore giving a senior a blow job in the stairwell and it was caught on camera for the whole school to see and recently Juuling in the bathroom has become a major fad according to my younger sister. Not necessarily an incident, but I was also involved in theater throughout school and once when I was exploring the attic I found what appeared to be a recently used sleeping bag in one of the far corners. Weird. 

Addison: Anonymous school, DE.

My high school was a typical Catholic school: hemmed plaid skirts, blonde Barbie cliques and mass once a month. Nothing out of the ordinary happened...a few coke lines here, dab pens in class there. But the funniest (sorry, not sorry) thing that happened was during my sophomore year. While the people at this $12,000 a year high school undoubtedly had money, some tried to be a bit more...edgy. Two brunette sisters had it out for this one blonde chick, though a month prior they were all best friends. It was the age old war of brunette vs blonde. Well, one day, they followed her to her house. The younger sister jumped on the blonde’s back and pinned her to the ground. Each sister got in a few “punches” and hair pulls. However, it was near the end when they decided to sit on top of her, run their fingers through the blonde hair, grab tightly and consistently and aggressively bang her head up and down on the pavement. The worst part was that the girl taking the blows had a brain tumor a while back. Arguably the second worst part was that someone had videotaped the whole thing and the entire county of New Castle, Delaware had it stored on their camera roll. Needless to say, she was out of school for months with a concussion, bruising, black eyes and a high dosage of shame. As for the sisters...well, lets just say neither of them said enough Hail Mary’s to repent their sins and be let back into my school...nonetheless, the girls were back to being bffs in no time and remain, to this day, tighter than a neck brace.

Well there you have it, every high school has their own "incident".