Things To Do At UD Before You Graduate

As a graduating senior at the University of Delaware, I’ve tried to visit as many staple locations of the school as possible

1.     Visit the book statue

Located in Mentor’s Circle, the book statue is a staple of Delaware’s campus. It is often a stop on tours of Delaware, and is a must-see before you graduate.  Many take pictures in front of it freshman year and senior year and see what changed.

2.     Go to the movie theater in Trabant

Trabant Student Center has a movie theater with discounted movies every week. They often have recently premiered films, and you can see them for very cheap prices.  This is a must-go with your friends from Delaware before you graduate!

3.     Go to a sports game

Delaware has so many sports to offer, and often has discounted tickets for students. From football to lacrosse, the athletics at Delaware are such a fun bonding experience for students.  

4.     Meet a mascot

Delaware’s two mascots, YouDee and Baby Blue, can be found at many sports games and UD events. You definitely want to be able to check this off your bucket list, as they are a staple of Delaware!