Taylor Swift's New Album: Is Reputation Worthy Of A Good Reputation?

We’ve all heard about Taylor Swift’s somewhat recent scandal regarding Kanye West and a specific line in his song, “Famous”, calling out Taylor. Although she approved the line before the release of the song, Swift was unaware of the content and context surrounding her name and so she, understandingly, changed her mind about it. Some called her a snake, some called her innocent. Either way, she now, undoubtedly, has a bad reputation. However, that whole showdown is none of my business…*casually sips tea*

Bad reputation or not, I have to say that I have and always will be an avid Tswizzle fan, from her chart breaking hit “Our Song,” to her new and completely revolutionary album, Reputation. Not only has she grown as an artist, but she is starting to shed her snake-skin and has started to be herself. Maybe Swift was yearning for revenge after the 2012 Grammy Awards scandal where Kanye completely disregarded her talent while receiving a Grammy. Or, maybe she was in need of some inspiration other than a bad break up for a song. Either way, I can say that her newest album, Reputation, is genius. It is raw, ballsy and quite frankly, the breakthrough she needs in today’s pop music world.

I must say that I was a little skeptical of this new album at first. However, Taylor is 28 years old and does not want to be singing teen-bopper love tunes. So, let’s face it - she is not a country singer. While we all want to hang on to her innocent “Love Story” days, she is over it. I think that’s why so many of us want to believe her new music is “bad.” However, her new album truly demonstrates her raw ability to sing with higher notes and a broader range. It’s unique. She also puts so much personality into it. What’s wrong with being a little sassy and showing it? Yes, her old golden-locks were the epitome of the all-American, “girl-next-door” look, but truthfully, I like her deep red lips, chopped hair, and personally, think it’s a heck of a lot more relatable.


I don’t know about you, but I have always been able to feel so much of Taylor being herself in her songs because she puts so much passion into her voice which carries so much emotion. I can go from dancing around my room, to in a corner crying then to wanting to set my boyfriend’s truck on fire in a matter of three songs on shuffle. So like so many of her albums, every song is a hit. And what better time to belt out her emotions than now, when she’s hit her peak of being ridiculed? There are three songs from Reputation that really stand out and here’s why.


1. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

In this song, Taylor completely puts Kanye on blast.“And here’s to you, because forgiveness is a nice thing to do...HAHAHAH I can’t even say it with a straight face!” Clearly shown in her lyrics, she is totally mocking her own apology to him. When you think about it, why is Taylor persecuted for such a blown-out-of-proportion, little piece of drama? Why should she be the one apologizing? Kim and Kanye both handled the situation with disrespect instead of being adults. We all make mistakes and Taylor deserves better than this girls, come on.

2. “Delicate”

We are used to Taylor writing about breakups, which I am not complaining about, since they have helped me immensely through my own. But in this song, she talks about how she knows herself to be clingy and move too fast with relationships as shown here, “Is it cool if I said all that? Is it chill that you’re in my head, cuz’ I know that’s it’s delicate...isn’t it?” This makes me think that maybe it is written about her current relationship with Joe Alwyn. She has been dating Alwyn for over a year. She hasn’t had such a stable and passionate love since her last British-beau. She knows the stigma placed on her and she is asking if it’s cool if she can feel this way already without being harassed about it.

3. “I Did Something Bad”

This song no doubt explores how she knows what she did in the Kanye situation was semi-wrong. However, she throws more shade at Kanye when she says, “But if he drops my name then I owe him nothing, and if he spends my change then he had it coming.” She obviously is trying to reach her audience by telling us that she does not regret what she did. There was a reason behind it and honestly, neither side handled the situation perfectly. But, she stands by her decisions and will defend herself. This is honorable, courageous and a new side of Taylor we should all learn to love and stand behind as well.

So, if you have heard Reputation and don’t think much of it, give it another go. Trust me when I say that it grows on you and I for one have not been able to stop playing it on loop. I would most definitely give Reputation the best of “reputations”.