Taylor Swift's Most Underrated Songs

Taylor Swift is sweeping the nation once again for her new album Reputation and her extravagant tour is the product of its popularity. Kicking off her tour has been an amazing experience to watch and, come July, I will have the pleasure of actually witnessing it, which I am predicting to be a completely out-of-body experience. Especially since it’s an understatement to say that I have a total girl crush on her….


Being an avid T-swizzle fan, I have learned every word to every song of every album (even her Christmas album) and can say that each has its own flare and uniqueness. That is why she never disappoints: there’s something for everyone; plus she drops her albums in a timely fashion.

From her country twang to her pop perfection, Swift always delivers. However, if you aren’t a huge fan, you may only know her radio hits such as “Shake It Off,” “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Love Story” and “Our Song.” While these songs are classic hits, they don’t hold a candle to her more over-looked jams.

Here’s a compilation of Taylor’s most underrated songs from each of her albums:

Taylor Swift:

  1. Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

  2. Tied Together With A Smile


  1. You’re Not Sorry

  2. Change

Speak Now:

  1. Long Live

  2. If This Was A Movie



  1. The Last Time ft. Lee Lightbody

  2. Sad, Beautiful, Tragic



  1. Clean

  2. This Love



  1. Don’t Blame Me

  2. King Of My Heart


Taylor Swift is beautiful, relatable and writes songs that tap into your emotions in such a personal way. In every song, her light whispers that gain fast into a powerful melodies, separated by heavy breaths gives you real depth. These songs that are always overlooked lack none of those features, so give them a listen!