Staying Healthy in Quarantine

There is no denying that quarantine is tough. However, despite the solitude of binging Netflix by yourself or the endless snacking you can’t seem to quit, social distancing is important. The world needs us -our elders need us- to stay home and stay safe. Although our lives are on hold, our mental and physical health still has room to grow, and paying attention to both of these will help your quarantine be (at least a little) more bearable.

Online school isn’t what anyone pictured their college experience to consist of. Hours of work with no fun and school with no socialization can seem torturous at times. To make matters worse, sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is not good for your eyes or your body. Remember to take breaks. Go for a walk or jog. Try a new workout plan (I currently have a love/hate relationship with Chloe Ting’s). Bake, cook, or spend time with your family. Even if it’s only for five minutes, your mind will feel refreshed and more ready to tackle that nasty research paper or study guide. 

To keep in touch, my friends and I have started using Zoom for something other than awkward, camera-off lectures. Zoom is the perfect way to host a game night, especially with the “Share Screen” feature. Ellen’s “Psych!” and “Photo Roulette” are some of our favorites if we are looking for a good laugh. And if we want to watch a movie or continue the series we’ve been watching together all semester, Zoom and Netflix Party are the ways to go. While it’s hard not being with your friends and chosen family -I miss them every day- quarantine doesn’t mean you have to be alone (mentally, of course). 

Though I know it's hard when your friends are busy, try to find some joy in being alone. Make some art. Read a book. Write. Explore your own mind, and think about all the things you’re going to do when you get out of quarantine. Use isolation as a motivator to start following your dreams and achieving your highest goals. Or… you can take a deep breath. Make a cup of tea. Watch that one show you love, but everyone else hates. Have a dance party. Sing your heart out. There is no right way to do quarantine. Everyone’s different, and there is no pressure. You do you!

And finally, this is a rough time for everyone -some more than others. Remember to check in on your friends and family. You don’t know what they could be going through. Always call your grandparents and tell them you love them. Stay happy and healthy for yourself, and stay safe for the ones who need us. Things will get better soon.