Sometimes, College Roommates are Great

Deciding on a college is a really stressful process but the WORST part of it all is finding a roommate. Finding a roommate is the scariest, most anxious thing about going to college (beside leaving home and paying thousands of dollars in tuition). Meeting a roommate is just like online dating; you flirt your ass off and hope they won’t kill you in your sleep. When I decided that I was going to attend UD, I was really scared to find a roommate due to my older sister’s bad experience with her freshman year roommate.

I joined the UD Facebook group and combed through my most prized Instagram photos to find ones that made me seem like a bubbly enjoyable roommate that no serial killer would want to room with. I kept it quick and simple, stated my home town and major and attached some photos. Quick and easy. I was surprised how many girls reached out and I quickly found some girls I really liked. Then I met a potential girl who I ended up really hitting it off with and ended up meeting up with her and really liked her. Unfortunately, she decided on a different college in the end and we wished each other well and moved on. But then the whole process started all over again. I basically sh*t myself over trying to find someone else who would like (I was always bad at making friends).

Then one night I got an Instagram DM from a girl named Nicole. Nicole was blonde (like me) and super cute. I was really excited as I combed through her Instagram and VSCO finding out that she seemed to be a lot like me. Nicole and I quickly hit it off and then for the next couple of months we messaged back and forth and decided to room together, which was such a weight off my shoulders.

One day I had a track meet at the University of Pennsylvania and she traveled to watch me (and her high school) run there and I finally got to meet this blondie hidden behind the screen. She was exactly what I had pictured but even more gorgeous and sweet. I finally felt okay and felt like this was a good thing.

Flash forward a couple months, she turned out to be the worst! Just kidding. Long story short, she’s the best person I think I have ever met. As soon as we moved into college we were belly laughing till 3 am almost every night (and still continue to). I know I got incredibly lucky to find a roommate that accepted me for me but she also loved herself as much as she loved me. Her confidence is something that inspires me to strive for the best. She isn't messy but not super clean. Nicole is an amazing sharer and one of the funniest people I have ever met. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She has become my best friend but also my sister. We keep each other in check and have such a respect for each other that it works perfectly.

When we came home from the excessively long winter break UD offers, I almost cried seeing her again. I had had a hard journey those two months and opened up to her about my struggles with anxiety and depression and we stood there till 2 am just crying and hugging each other and expressing how grateful we were for one another. I learned things about her and she learned things about me and I gained new respect for her that I didn’t know I could have for anyone outside of my family. This night Nicole entered my heart and became part of my safe haven. Whether it is dancing around our room to self tanning sessions, there is never a time we have not laughed. We don't fight and some may say that’s bad, but she yells at me for doing things wrong and I yell at her for doing things wrong. Nicole is the type of person to let you lay in bed with them and sob when you need it (I have taken advantage of that many times).

I know a lot of people don’t get this lucky, but I did and I’m going to brag about it. Picking a roommate is scary and I am pretty sure there aren’t many like Nicole, but if you’re lucky enough to get someone like her, your freshman year will be a breeze.