Pure Romance Party: An Exclusive Interview With A Pure Romance Advocate

Last Thursday, some friends of mine and I experienced a pure romance party for the first time. A pure romance party is like a jewelry trunk show, but instead of jewelry for sale, it’s anal beads and cupcake flavored lube up for grabs. I interviewed one of the partygoers (who would like to stay anonymous) about her experience.

1. What is Pure Romance?

Anon: Pure Romance is...well...there isn’t an uncensored way to say this, but it’s a sex toy company. However, it is much more than that. It is a place where a group of girls can come together in a safe and comfortable environment, much like a party setting and talk about what they want or need to feel...good.

2. What was your favorite part about the Pure Romance party?

Anon: My favorite part was the sense of sisterhood. I have never had such a comfortable and comedic night of talking about sex. I always felt awkward about it. However that night, it was so natural. It had a lot to do with the host. She made everyone feel like nothing was off limits and that everything was so incredibly normal. Sex is a very touchy subject and sometimes it can make you feel weird to ask questions about how to please yourself or have an equally great time with your partner. But that night, it was so fun and natural. It is highly recommended.

3. What were some of the most interesting products?

Anon: The most interesting product was definitely the sex swing. I am not going to lie, I was high-key about to buy it. It was a little expensive and I don’t know how sturdy the door frames are in my apartment for next year so I didn’t. But, that thing was nuts. It had stirrups and everything. The host sat in it and demonstrated how to use it and while it was funny, it was also seriously appealing.

4. If you could write a mission statement for Pure Romance what would it be?

Anon: Sex is fun, sex is great, learn how to fu** and masturbate.

5. What are you most looking forward to at your own Pure Romance party coming up?

Anon: I am looking forward to having 55% off everything in the catalog!!! I am also looking forward to having all my friends come together and be able to bond over this. It’s quite an experience.

6. In what ways does Pure Romance empower women?

Anon: Pure Romance empowers women to feel no shame in pleasuring themselves. It’s a natural need and want and having someone reassuring you that it’s ok is fire. When we can all come together in a room and have such an open discussion about sex and masturbation, even with girls you don’t know very well, it kinda creates a sisterhood bond. Sometimes men can’t do that job. Pure Romance makes you feel ok about that.

Thanks for keeping it real, learn more about the company here