Opinion: Dad Bods Are Super Hot

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t attracted to big, buff, manly-men?

While your friends may brag and boast about their boyfriend’s eight-pack, there’s no harm in being turned off by that kind of physique.

Personally, I date a squishy, teddy-bear of a man and I could not be happier. Below are five reasons why you should embrace the dad bod!

1. When they hug you, you are being engulfed by a protective blanket of flub and warmth. Those jacked jocks don’t have an ounce of fat that can give you the warmth you need. Imagine being snuggled up with a nice warm Dad bod at night! (In a totally non-creepy way.)

2. Ok ladies, we are all beautiful and our bodies are holy temples worthy of worship, but I still don’t have the perfect body that I would like. Therefore, I don't want my boyfriend having a better body than me! As selfish as it all sounds, let’s face it: we should be the center of attention.

3. As far as approaching a man, I don’t know about you, but I sure can do it more easily when I don’t feel like a couch potato. That is why approaching someone who isn’t a gym rat is so much less intimidating and can definitely boost my own self confidence. I’m not saying to go after a lazy man, but definitely find someone who doesn’t grunt like he’s giving birth in the weight room.

4. Who better to date and see a future raising kids with than someone who already looks like a dad? We are most definitely primal creatures, always instinctively searching for our perfect mate. Psychologically, there is always a maternal instinct that only wants the best for our future kids (if you want kids, that is). The best thing for them is a great dad, and one of the best indicators of that is a perfect dad body!

5. Lastly, the biggest, most controversial reason why women like me think dad bods are hot is our unavoidable daddy issues. Admit it, you have them, whether it’s because you feel like a complete failure next to your superstar sibling or the product of an MIA dad, we all probably have some sort of beef with our fathers. Therefore, we go after what we want to replace or what we do not have. Dad bods means stability to us.

So, next time you see yourself on the prowl for a man, remember: Do I want a self- obsessed muscle man or warm snuggles and stability?