Meet Kaedynn Seward, Sweet as Cotton Candy and Sassy as RuPaul

This week, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a sassy ray of sunshine. She allowed me to pick her little brain like she picks for boogers. I asked about toys, politics and school, and some of her responses are surprising. Meet the beautiful and tiny Kaedynn Seward, my six year old niece growing up in 2019.

Her Campus: Hello, what is your name and how old are you?

Kaedynn Seward: Hi, I’m Kaedynn and I am six years old.

HC: Do you have an siblings?

KS: Mmm...I have a brother and another brother because a baby is coming out (her mom is pregnant). But, Nicholas is the bossiest ever and I hope this baby is not.

HC: Do you go to school and do you like it?

KS: Yes, I am in Kindergarten! I love school. My favorite subject is math because it helps you subtract and take away things. I think it is the most important subject.

HC: Do you have a lot of friends at school?

KS: Yes! I have a lot! Nashali is my best friend because I always get presents from her when I go to her house. I get JoJo Bows! Ellie is also my best friend ever because she lets me spend the night. Steven is also my friend. He’s cute! He has freckles on his nose and has brown eyes! He also comes over to play with Nicholas and we play Nerf Guns and hang out.

Now, we went into the more hard-hitting questions.

HC: So, Kaedynn, do you like living in America?

KS: Yes! Donald Trump is our president and I like him because he’s our president. I think he’s nice and is helping America.

HC: Do you think he is a Democrat or Republican?

KS: I think...I think he’s a Democrat?

HC: He’s actually a Republican, but good guess. So, What is your favorite color and why?

KS: PINK! (enthusiastically) is a girl’s color!

HC: So then what are your favorite toys?

KS: Barbies! And Bratz Dolls! But I like Bratz better because they are prettier. But I love both because I like the way that they dress and sometimes they look like people and you [Addison Reich] look like the one with the blonde hair!  

HC: Do you think that their clothes are appropriate? Are their dresses too short?

KS: I don’t think their dresses are too short. They make me feel pretty everytime I look at them and then I want to put makeup on.

HC: Do you think they try to be pretty for Ken? Would you date someone that looks like Ken?

KS: Ew! No, I don’t like Ken. I don’t want a boyfriend that looks like him because I will choose who I want. And I want to be pretty for me.

HC: So, Kaedynn, would you rather read a book or be on your tablet?

KS: Uhm, tablet! Tablet all the time!

HC: Would you rather play outside or be on your tablet?

KS: Play on my tablet.

HC: Do you like to play outside at all?

KS: Yeah, sometimes. Gigi lets me ride on my scooter. But at home, I only have Nicholas to play with outside and he’s annoying. He won’t shut up.

HC: Interesting. So, do you know of any board games?

KS: …[long pause]...mmm, I don’t know.

HC: Do you know Life? Monopoly? Chutes and Ladders? Trouble?

KS: No, just Trouble. I like Trouble!


Well, there you have it. The innocence of children and their lack of knowledge on politics. Maybe it’s best to keep them out of the loop for as long as possible so that they can keep their plucky charm. But, she knows enough to understand who our president is, regardless of the media. She also gave me some insight on the implication of Barbies on young girls. According to her, she’s a strong, independent girl who don’t need no Ken-doll man. She wants to wear makeup for herself which is commonly misconstrued in our society. Keadynn made it clear that she feels pretty with Barbies and Bratz because she can identify with them and connect them to others, like me. I am not a 5’11, 140 pound supermodel, but I’m tall enough, relatively skinny and have blonde hair like the Barbie. She connects with them because they remind her of people she loves, like me, her Aunt Addison. I take it as a compliment because she thinks that they are beautiful. Today, parents assume that Barbies teach their kids that they have to dress a certain way or look a certain way to feel a certain way. That might be true for some, but children are also innocent and can’t cognitively make that connection yet until they’re pre-teens who are addicted to models’ Instagram pages. As long as they’re reminded that they’re beautiful no matter how they look or want to look, they will grow up happy and loved.