The Library Survival Guide: Food

Drinks are usually allowed in the library. I’m pretty sure food isn’t technically allowed inside the library, but I’m not exactly sure if that is a rule or urban legend made up by librarians. I know for sure the study rooms say “No Food or Drink”. Either way, this rule is a suggestion, like how yellow signals on a traffic sign suggest that you could slow down but usually mean HURRY UP YOU’RE LATE AND YOU’VE HIT EVERY DAMN LIGHT SINCE YOU’VE BEEN ON THIS ROAD. However, most people are going to be reserving a nice table with a view of squirrels running into garbage cans outside for dinner or, if you go on the weekends, lunch and dinner because you definitely didn’t wake up before noon and now you have to stay at the library until midnight or until it closes. Food gets its own category because it has its own secret tips:

Jimmy John’s delivery people come right into the lobby of the library so you never have to go outside. They also usually don’t bring plastic bags so bring a bag with you to sneak in your sandwich.

The address of the library is 181 South College Avenue. Most delivery places go to the weird parking lot to the left of the building.

If you bring in Roots, El Diablo, Chipotle, or anything that comes in a loosely sealed box, do not throw this in your bag and hold the bag vertically like you usually would unless you want Sriracha Caesar dressing or guacamole that you paid extra for to spill out into your bag.

When you finally leave the library because you’re finished or the loudspeaker keeps announcing that the library is closing (it feels like she gets more impatient with each announcement, even though it’s a recording), head up to Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. It is open 24 hours and if you look distraught enough, they might throw in a couple munchkins or an extra donut for you.

You can save like $2 at Dominos if you go pick up your pizza instead of having it delivered. Just grab it on your way to the library if you can.

People will be looking at your food choices with envy if they don’t have food themselves. Do not be alarmed, stress eating is just really comforting

Stay tuned next week for Sarah's final installment of library hacks!