Keeping Up With the Christmas Spirit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Almost. Exam season is upon us, and as green and red lights are strung, our tensions begin to run high. Staying in the spirit of the holidays is not easy when you have an essay due tomorrow, an exam in a few hours and the calculus final you haven’t studied for yet looms in the “hell-week” ahead. I love the holiday season, but I can find myself caught in this trap--trading music, hot chocolate, movies and joy for bitten nails, hours of studying and minimal sleep. However, I have developed a few ways to give myself a break and fully enjoy the greatest season of all without sacrificing my GPA.  First off, give yourself a break. There’s no shame in taking a brief hiatus in your studying to snuggle up and watch a movie with your friends. Math problems are usually unhindered by some background noise, so even if you don’t have time, just put a movie on to listen to. Spending time with those you love--even if you aren’t fully present--will be sure to lift your spirits. Some of my Christmas favorites include, Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, Love Actually, Home Alone (but only the first two), A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause Trilogy, and A Christmas Carol. 

Secondly, treat yourself! Just the smell of peppermint is typically enough to fill my heart with the joy of Christmas, and we all deserve a treat around exams. Bake yourself some cookies or force your friends to do it for you! Get that Starbucks peppermint mocha you’ve been craving. Every Tuesday in December is buy one get one free from 2:00-7:00p.m., so share with a friend or save both for yourself (we all need that boost sometimes).  Finally, listen to some music. There is nothing--NOTHING--better than Christmas music. Name an album more singable than Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas”. Name a voice more majestic than Michael Buble’s. Name a composition of Christmas songs better than Pentatonix’s. Find a Christmas playlist or make one of your own and simply listen. Bop your head while writing that essay or move your shoulders while memorizing those flashcards. 

So, in conclusion, don’t be like Kevin up there. Have a cup of hot cocoa, turn up “All I Want for Christmas is You” and when in doubt, smile. Smiling in itself is statistically proven to increase your mood, so show your friends those pearly whites. Do good work on your exams, but also have fun because you deserve it! Just not too much fun (don’t end up like Frosty in the picture below). 

Good Luck, collegiettes!