Interview with a Her Campus Instagram Chair

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the Instagram chairs for the University of Delaware chapter of Her Campus. A member since her freshman year, Gina Magliocco has been a loyal member to the club and has only upped her responsibilities every year. Formally the Pinterest chair, Gina transitioned to Instagram chair at the beginning of this school year.  Her responsibilities include posting three days a week, designing an aesthetically pleasing social media page, as well as implementing new, interactive methods to gain club followers and new members. 

Her Campus: How long have you been a member of Her Campus?

Gina Magliocco: This year is my third year.

HC: Where did you first hear about the club?

GM: I first heard about Her Campus through a post on the UD Class of 2021 Facebook page.  Our president, Kaylee Giacomini, made a post advertising what a fun experience it would be.

HC: Did you have a job position your first year?

GM: No, I only wrote articles my first year. I was too shy at the time to speak up and have a position, but I wish I did!

HC: What made you want to obtain a position in the club during your second year?

GM: I had always wished that I would have had a job my first year, so I decided I would apply my second year.  I applied for Pinterest chair and got the position. I also realized that holding a position would also look really good on my resumes.

HC: What did you like about being Pinterest Chair?

GM: Pinterest is one of my favorite forms of social media so I thought that it would be fitting. I like to keep up with trends and aesthetics. The pictures are always so pretty and make we want to create a pay that looks similar.

HC: What made you want to switch from Pinterest Chair to Instagram Chair?

GM: Instagram Chair requires more responsibility. I have to post more often and the page reaches a larger number of people. I feel like being in charge of the Pinterest prepared me to create an Instagram page that allows us to gain followers.

HC: What are some of your favorite parts of Instagram Chair?

GM: I like finding new, cute pictures to follow our pink theme. It’s also nice to find motivational quotes. I hope I’m able to make our followers’ days a little happier and better.

HC: What ways do to make the page interactive?

GM: I like to post questions and polls to allow our follows to share their opinions and to have an outlet to talk. I also started “Member Monday” where I highlight some of our members that have been important to our club functioning properly.

HC: Do you have anything to say to someone who may want to join or obtain a position?

GM: Go out of your comfort zone! I have met so many amazing girls in this club and I am so happy that I joined. Apply for one of our positions and you could find a creative outlet that you really vibe with.

If you have ever wanted to join Her Campus, or any club at all, never be afraid to reach out to any member! There are so many positions at Her Campus that you can be a part of.  Whether you wanna be Instagram Chair like Gina, or an editor, apply and find your perfect fit!