An Interview with a D1 Athlete

One of the hardest transitions in anyone’s life is the transition from high school to college. Now, imagine having to compete against some of the best athletes while balancing your class work. You have a lab at 5pm and a race at 6pm or a midterm at 2pm and practice at 3pm. It is a lot to handle for any one. I interviewed one of Pennsylvania’s top track and field athletes as she just graduated high school and is beginning her career in college. Here is her story. 

Arianna Eberly is 18 years old and a Coatesville High School graduate. She was one of the captains on her track team. She ran sprints, hurdles and relays and jumped long jump and high jump. Arianna now attends James Madison University and is a member of their team. She now plans to do the heptathlon. In high school, Arianna set the 4x4, 4x1, 4x2, 300m hurdles, 200m and long jump Coatesville records. She earned All-State in the 4x1,4x2 and 4x4 and has multiple Penn Relay wheels in her name.

Her Campus: How would you describe the transition from high school to college track?

Arianna: It’s definitely a huge life change. You go from being in high school, running track for fun, to being in college, running track becomes your job. The time commitment was something I had to get used to, but the adjustment wasn’t so bad because I have great coaches and an awesome team.

HC: Why do you enjoy track so much?

A: Running gives me an escape from anything hectic going on in my life. Once I step on the track, all my worries go away. Running makes me happy. 

HC: Now you go to a school more than 3 hours away from your home and are out of state, how has that been?

A: It was hard at first but because of FaceTime it made things a lot easier.

HC: What are some goals you have?

A: My goal is to academically make the Dean’s list and athletically to compete at the NCAA’s.

HC: What are your goals for after college?

A: I plan to be a physical therapist and hopefully open my own practice or work directly with a professional sports team.

HC: What does a typical workout/practice look like for you?

A: A typical day’s practice is about 4 hours long. We start off with a warm up, then go into technical drills for whatever event we are focusing on that day and then go into a workout, for example, running eight 200m. Finally we finish with an ab circuit and go lift.

HC: How’s juggling the 4 hour practice with classes?

A: I have all my classes between 8am-12pm the practice at 12:45. It’s kinda hard, but I’m used to it.

HC: How’s your college experience been so far since you can’t do everything everyone else can?

A: It doesn’t bother me at all because I like to be busy all the time.

HC: What does it mean to you to be a D1 athlete?

A: It means a lot to me to be able to do what I love at this high of a level. It’s a dream come true.

HC: What’s something you didn’t expect when you arrived at college?

A: All the hills on campus are harder than they look and getting up for an 8am is a struggle when you’re sore. 

HC: Do you have any advice for current and future college athletes or in general?

A: Stay on top of your work and time management is really key.

Arianna is a goal-oriented person, who is dedicated to what she loves. She’s only a freshman and is already on the top of her game. She only gets better. I, for one, will be looking forward to see how Arianna competes and I am already planning a trip to James Madison to see her run. It does help that she is my best friend. Arianna Eberly is one of the best athletes I have ever seen. Yes this is us together. I threw shot put and discus and was a captain along with Arianna. I now have a life-long best friend because of it. And yes, I am wearing Harley Quinn pj pants. It was very cold.