Have You Ever Wondered How To Get Over Your Psycho Ex: Read For Details!

Dealing with toxic relationships is hard enough when you’re in one, but it’s also hard moving past it and getting over it. I personally had a harder time getting over some things but I’m happy to say that I learned good ways to move on and help yourself through the process.

First, I learned that there are going to be things that you will just never have the answer to. Learning that I won’t have closure was really hard for me, but you are never going to move on if you’re still looking for answers you’ll never get. Focus on moving on instead of dwelling on past issues, fights and secrets.

Take some time to focus on yourself, stay in with friends or spend some time alone. Read your favorite books, watch your favorite movie, order your favorite ice cream and take one day to relax! Treat yourself to a stress free day and definitely put your phone away and turn it on do not disturb.

Do not listen to sad music under any circumstances. Do not put on the sad playlist, you’ll thank me later. Do yourself a huge favor and don’t play “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce. Instead, put on happy music that will get you excited and feeling all happy. Trust me, it’s just better for everyone if you don’t listen to “i hate u i love u” either, just delete that one from your phone.

Personally, I think blocking on social media is super helpful, it stops you from stalking, lurking and just looking at unnecessary pictures and tweets that you’re just not going to want to see. It also gives your ex an opportunity to slide in your DM’s or send you messages and then it turns into talking and messaging which is definitely something you need to stay away from.  

Unfortunately running into your ex will happen, so just be prepared to deal with it. Psycho exes tend to ask you if you would wanna “hang, ya know as friends”. Honestly, say no, everyone knows what is going to happen. We have all heard Dua Lipa’s song New Rules so let’s stick to them ladies!

I know dealing with psycho exes is difficult and annoying but I hope that these tips helped whoever is struggling with a break up!