Handbag Necessities: a List Of Things I Always Have In My Bag

I take my bag with me everywhere. I used to hate having a purse on me all the time but now I can’t imagine not having it with me when I travel, go shopping or even run errands. There are just certain things a girl NEEDS to have in her bag to be able to function, and once you always have these things on you, there’s no turning back.


Chapstick is a necessity all year round. There is nothing worse than chapped, dry lips. Trust me, having this on you will be a game changer.

Hand Sanitizer

Think about all the times you’re out with your friends shopping or just running around and you guys decide to grab food or hit the McDonald’s drive thru. Think about how many things your hands touch in a day! Hand sanitizer is so underrated and must be a part of your daily routine.


I think we can all relate to being in the wrong place at the wrong time with no tampons on hand. Even if Aunt Flow isn’t supposed to be visiting anytime soon, just remember, things happen and you can always help another girl in need!

Mascara and concealer

I always have these two makeup musts in my bag -- what if you’re walking into Starbucks and you just woke up and saw the hottest boy ever? Mascara is there for you. Concealer is for all my girls out there who might have had too fun of a night and want to go home with hickies unnoticed. Trust me, we’ve all been there and these two things are definitely a girl's best friends.

Hand lotion

A little bottle of lotion goes a long way, especially in the winter when dry skin is almost inevitable. Plus, who doesn’t love soft hands?


I don’t keep a whole bottle in there, but I keep those tiny little samples from Sephora in there. It’s so small and takes up no space and it lasts a lot longer than you think. It’s perfect for when you wanna go somewhere right from work or running errands and you have to freshen up.


I keep a small deodorant in my bag always. This is super helpful if you’re coming from the gym and you want to grab a coffee or a bite to eat. This is also great to have in the summertime when you spend all morning at the beach and you get back in your car and your car is on fire.

Hair ties

 I love having the windows down when I drive but I absolutely hate having my hair in my face and in knots. I am also constantly losing hair ties. I keep a few in my bag so I don’t have to worry about taking them out of my room or my bathroom and losing them.

A pen

This is underrated also. I always need a pen whether it’s for writing something down, signing a bill or writing in my planner.


I will never leave my house without gum. Gives you fresh breath, and keeps you distracted if you’re hungry and have no food. Just don’t tell anyone you have it if you want it to last.

Lastly, my wallet

This obviously holds the most important things: ID, money, credit cards and all that stuff. Just make sure this is always the first thing in your bag!

Hopefully this helps you guys stay organized and keep the necessities in your bag always so you’re set all the time!