Freeman Face Masks Freed My Skin Of Blemishes and I'm In Love

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

If any of you have ever been tempted by the alluring section next to check out at Urban Outfitters, you already know how fabulous Freeman face masks are. Freeman masks feel fresh and light on your skin and come off revealing some #SkinGoals. Last weekend, I tested out two of their top sellers: the Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask & Scrub and the Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel Away Mask. Check out the good, the bad and the dirty of these masks below (spoiler alert: there was no bad).

Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask and Scrub

This mask is silky and luxe. It comes out of the package in a smooth black cream and completely coats your skin in a thick, opaque charcoal. Once hardened, I washed it off in my sink and instantly noticed my skin was more relaxed than before. It had perfectly toned my skin so I no longer had any dry or oily patches. It also got rid of my redness in some areas; this mask is magical!

Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Away Mask

I instantly fell in love with this mask. It felt light and cool on my skin and smells citrusy and bright like lemon iced tea on a warm day in June. Luckily, there’s plenty of this mask to share in the small sample pack so I have enough for a friend to use too (or for myself tomorrow night). The mask came out of the packet in an orange tinted gel and once it began to settle on my skin, it hardened as any clay mask would. Once completely hardened, It peeled off like a dream. It didn’t pull at my skin too much but do be warned to use sparingly around your eyebrows or you’ll have some difficulty taking it off. See my saga of peeling it off below.


Feel free to get your own Freeman masks here!