Fall Activities to Do During the Pandemic

As the seasons are changing, it doesn’t seem like the pandemic is going anywhere anytime soon. It’s going to be different than what we’re used to, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate some of our favorite holidays. Some of our favorite fall traditions may be altered or cut short, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the changing leaves! Halloween is right around the corner, and although events with large-crowds and trick-or-treating may not be occurring this year, you can still have a fun costume contest of some sort or just dress up with your family or roommates. Here are some safe fall ideas!

1. Bonfire with Halloween Snacks

If you have a fire pit, a bonfire is the most autumn thing you can imagine! Not only is it safe, but it’s a fun and cozy hangout with the people you care about most. You can definitely up your regular bonfire snacks, such as s’mores, and put your own Halloween twist to it. Or you could even just keep it plain and simple because the smokey taste of s’mores already gives an autumn feel.

2. A Reservation at an Orchard

Although different orchards may remain closed during the pandemic, there are a few that are still opening with strict policies, guidelines and a required reservation. As long as you keep your distance and wear masks, this can be a fun outing for you and your family or close-friends. You can go on the hayrides or apple/pumpkin picking. This can definitely make things feel a little more normal in these unprecedented times. 

3. Costumes and Movies

With Halloween rapidly approaching, there are dozens of things you can dress up as to get in the Halloween spirit. Even if you don’t want to go to the costume store, there are many DIY and inexpensive costumes that can be made right from your closet. Dressing up with your roommates while putting on a horror film or Halloween movie can amp up your Halloween night!

4. Cupcake Decorating Contest (In Costumes)

Instead of the basic pumpkin carving, why not make it into some friendly, edible competition by having a cupcake decorating contest with your friends! If you’re feeling it, doing this in a costume will elevate your Halloween experience. It’s always fun to turn things into a competition, especially when you’re all eating cupcakes at the end of it. Are there really any losers there? 

There are still so many ways you and your family, friends or roommates can celebrate this fall and Halloween season while still social distancing and abiding by the different guidelines of this pandemic. Of course there are countless other fun activities you could do with whoever you choose, but be sure to stay safe during these unpredictable times. Have a great, spooky season!