The Difference Between Black and White Parties

College parties. When you think of them, tell me the first things that come to your head: drugs, alcohol, frat houses, hookups…or I’m assuming that is what you are thinking of. Well, as a coming-of-age young black woman on a college campus (I am being dramatic, I know. Let me live), I have been to black parties and I have been to white parties. And I would now like to talk to you about the differences between black and white parties that I have seen (at least on UD’s campus, as varies from place to place) Shall we begin?

1.      Outfits!!

Everyone knows that when you go to parties, you have to dress to impress. That’s what you do. Us girls know that very well, no matter the skin color. At white parties, it varies depending on the party. I went to a cocktail party (because I’m so fancy) and everyone had cute dresses on, with heels and their fancy Sangria and the guys were decked in slacks and ties. But I also have seen short skirts, tanks, sneakers, skinny jeans, Chucks, boots at more casual parties where dudes show up in jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t know if they’re impressing anybody. But at black parties, we try to go all out if we can. Girls show off their curves in their body-con dresses, six-inch heels and hair, skin and nails on point! Guys show up to the party in their black jeans and tees and jackets, and if they’re in a fraternity, you’ll know. Gotta represent.

2.      Music

 I don’t really understand this, but it seems that they’ll play whatever at white parties. I’ve seen parties that play ABBA, “Sweet Caroline”, and I think I’ve heard “Party in the USA” at least 600 times because they play it all the freakin time! Don’t get me wrong, I love those songs, but I don’t jam to that if I’m trying to dance. At black parties, we are trying to dance. You hear the music super loud booming through the whole place, the bass is pumping and it’s a club atmosphere. We want to dance, so we want dancing music. Although, some of the DJs are super disappointing.

3.      Dancing

 Speaking of dancing, I have met a lot of white people that can’t really dance. Not a stereotype (it’s not all true) but I’ve seen parties where they just dance completely off-beat. It’s interesting to watch actually. But hey, we’re all having fun, right? At black parties, it’s almost the complete opposite. Dancing is the reason we’re here, so there is hard-core twerking and hard-core twerking on other guys (and I promise you, there’s a new position every time I go to these parties. You learn something new every day). Everyone is crowding around the DJ and when the music gets slow? Oh boy. Expect a lap dance or two. With that being said, I don’t actually know if white Greek life have these, but the black Greek life has something called strolling where they basically have this dance that represents their chapter and they do them at these parties way too frequently with all the good music. It’s irritating.

4.      Sketchy Stuff

So probably the main reason why (and again, generalizing, it’s not all true) everyone is totally cool with dancing off-beat (more like swaying off-beat) to “Dancing Queen” is because there may or may not be some kind of drinking going on. It can be fancy-pancy wine and it can be the cheapest beer that you can find, but some people go to get trashed. Same goes with drugs too -- vape and weed in hand. Dages (day rages) are pretty common on UD’s campus, where people go to parties on campus to drink during the day until the cops try to bust you. At black parties, they’re more regulated. Most of the parties that I have been to had no drugs or alcohol (mind you that they were thrown in Trabant, a student center, so that’s a no-no). And even if they’re there, there’s a strict policy for people who are twenty-one years or older. No worries, black people can get crazy too. Just where no one can see them.

And by the way, just to clarify, this is not to be rude or saying that one is better than the other. It’s just poking fun of characteristics that I have seen/heard at different parties and being sarcastic and silly about it. Plus, it’s not like you’re gonna stop partying anyway 😉