Ask Felipe: Udel's Solo Boy's Column!

Hey everyone! Felipe is BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! This is round two of questions and these are the best yet. You asked and I answered:

YOU: Celebrity that you would switch teams for?

FB: Adam Driver. Without hesitation.

YOU: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

FB: Only on Wednesdays.

YOU: Is a thumb a finger?

FB: No.

YOU: Foot fetishes?

FB: Can be lit, can be crusty af.

YOU: Thoughts on PornHub buying Vine?

FB: Thumbs down.

YOU: Favorite Human Centipede movie?

FB: Never seen them.

YOU: If you were a human centipede would you be a middle or end?

FB: End, so I can kick my legs and be more free.

YOU: Are condoms worth it?

FB: Absolutely, wtf.

YOU: Do you double condom?

FB: No, that’s not how it works.

YOU: Why do we wash bath towels? Aren’t we clean when we use them?

FB: Because things get dirty over time; and no, we aren’t 100% clean when we use them.

YOU: Fave shower tune and why?

FB: Tight Pants / Body Rolls. Song is an absolute B O P.

YOU: Why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway?

FB: Because linguistics is dumb.

YOU: Thoughts on Birkenstocks with socks?

FB: Yes but ONLY if the socks match your ‘fit. White socks, black socks, any solid colored socks are a no go. If it’s something wild and it matches your top, then that’s one spicy meaty-ball.

Thank you for your questions and remember: ASK ME ANYTHING!