Ask Felipe: Crazy Questions Answered By Udels Solo Boy

The people have asked and Felipe has answered! Here’s another insight on Felipe’s perspective:

HC: COD: RPK or HK21?

FB: RPK because it looks cooler.

HC: Big Time Rush or Naked Brothers Band?

FB: BIG. TIME. RUSH. Such an underrated boy band and Nickelodeon show.

HC: Harry Styles or Zayn?

FB: Harry Styles.

HC: Tswift now or Tswift 2008?

FB: Tswift now.

HC: If you’re bald, what hair color do they put on your driver's license?


HC: If nudity was legal, would you be a nudist?

FB: No, my body is to be seen by worthy eyes only.

HC: Would you ever hike naked?

FB: F no. I don’t want ticks.

HC: Celebrity crushes?

FB: Adam Driver, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston and the bunny from Zootopia

There you have it people: our boy Felipe is a fiend for BTR and the Zootopia bunny. What else can you whip up for him to ask? Stay tuned for another flood of questions and answers next week with Big Meek Felipe!