5 Easy Halloween DIYs to Make Your Space Spookier

As Halloween creeps closer and closer, it’s important to get your space ready for the spookiest night of the year! Whether you’re binging scary movies or carving some pumpkins, you'll want to make sure that your home matches the Halloween vibe. Here are some super easy home decor DIYs that can be done quicker than you can say Hocus Pocus!


If you’re on TikTok, then you might have seen the current decoration craze: smoking cauldrons. But for this DIY, you won’t need dry ice to create that eerie white smoke. Only three simple items are needed for this DIY: a black cauldron that can be found at your local dollar store, a bag of cotton balls and an aroma diffuser! Simply place the aroma diffuser into the cauldron, cover the top of the cauldron with a layer of pulled-apart cotton balls and plug in the diffuser. You now have a fine stream of smoke coming out of the cauldron and the cotton balls act as faux bubbly brew! Bonus points if your diffuser lights up, because this creates an even spookier glow from within the cauldron. 


Similar to the floating candles that hang above the Great Hall in Hogwarts, this candle DIY is sure to add some magic to your space! For this DIY, you’ll need a few things: a hot glue gun, white paint, tea light LED candles, toilet paper or paper towel rolls and some wiring or string. First, you’re going to want to hot glue the LED candle to the inside of the paper towel or toilet paper roll so that only the flame part of the candle is showing at the top. Next, use the hot glue gun to create streaks of glue down the side of the roll to look like melting wax. You will then want to use the white paint and paint a thin coat around the entire exterior of the roll, even on top of the dried hot glue. This will make the whole piece a cohesive white color. Finally, take a piece of wiring or string, and measure out from your ceiling the height at which you want the candle to dangle from. Cut two pieces of the wiring or string to the desired length, and hot glue it onto the sides. BOOM! Instant wizard-inspired floating candles. 


If you’re looking for a simple way to sweeten up your space for Halloween without doing anything too scary, this DIY is for you! You’ll need brown paper bags, orange paint, yellow paint, white paint and some string or twine! A pro tip is using recycled brown paper grocery bags for this DIY. First, trace out as many triangular candy corn shapes onto the brown paper bags as you wish, and cut them out. Then, use your three paints to create stripes across the candy corn shapes. Use yellow at the thickest part of the base, then orange and then white at the top. Finally, poke two holes on the two bottom corners of each candy corn. Then, use your string or twine to thread the candy corn pieces through!


Looking for a way to scare your friends who hate spiders? If so, this DIY is perfect for your home! You will only need two simple items to create these spiders: black pipe cleaners and twine! Start off by taking one pipe cleaner and creating a little ball with it. This will be the body of your spider. Next, take another pipe cleaner and wind the pipe cleaner around the body until you have two even legs on either side. Repeat this step twice more so that you have three legs on each side! The next part is optional, but it definitely elevates this DIY. Take the twine and string up these spiders around your house to surprise your unsuspecting guest!


Every good witch has a collection of potions at her disposal. For this DIY, it’s all about the Double, Double, Toil and Trouble! You’re going to need a few things to create this DIY, all of which can be found at your local dollar store or around your house! This includes some jars or vials, twine, modge podge, flour and labels. The jars can be recycled, washed out pasta sauce jars or anything else you have available. You’re going to want to spook-ify these jars first by attaching labels to the center of them. You can write phrases like eye of newt or love potion on them - just make sure it’s creative! Next, take the modge podge and apply a thin layer of it around random places on the jar, and dust the flour overtop. This creates a dusty appearance that makes the jars look older than they are! To complete this DIY, feel free to wrap some of the lids in twine to give a weathered appearance. You can also fill these jars with candy, random objects around your space or whatever else you think would add some spookiness! Place these jars around your home to complete the witch vibes!

And last but not least, remember to have a safe and fun Halloween this year! Have some candy, put on a scary movie and make some cute DIY decorations.