5 DIYs To Decorate Your Space for Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is approaching on us quickly, you’ve still got plenty of time to add some quick and easy fall touches to your room!  We’ve got 5 easy ways to spice up your space and get you feeling thankful!

  1. Framed Fall pic

Okay let me just say how EASY this first one is!  All you need is a picture frame and a printer- which I think is safe to assume most of us have.  The best part about this decoration is that it can be used for every season- just print out a new pic!

2. Glitter Pinecones

Not only are these ones super simple, but they’re tons of fun to make as well!  Add some glue to the edges of a pinecone and sprinkle some glitter on and you’ve got an adorable autumn accent to your space!  These also work perfectly for winter too!

3. Traced Leaf

This one will definitely bring back some grade school memories! For this one, simply find a leaf and color over it on the opposite side of a piece of plain white paper.  I promise you, this one is incredible!

4. Thanks Banner

Banners like this don’t take much to make, but they add so much to a room!  They are super fun to create and the perfect way to let out those last bits of fall spirit hiding inside of you!  What better way to show your gratitude?

5. Candle jars

Saving the best for last, we have these beautiful candle jars!  You can either make or buy some fake leaves at a craft store, and glue them to the inside of a mason jar to create this gorgeous decoration.  Don’t forget to add a straw bow for the perfect final touch!  Just looking at this makes me cozy!