The 3 best photoshoot spots on UD’s campus

The University of Delaware is a school which is known for many things, its beautiful campus being one of the most notable. The opportunity to walk through campus daily and experience the architecture, landscaping and history, which is so characteristic of our campus, has to be one of the most exciting things about going to school at UD. However, considering the surplus of photogenic locations, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the best location for photoshoots which truly represent the beauty of campus. As a way to eliminate this future problem for those struggling to decide where to take photos at UD, here are the three best photoshoot locations at the University of Delaware. 

1. The kissing arches next to Memorial Hall

One of the most iconic locations on campus, by far, are the kissing arches. These arches are located on either side of Memorial Hall, centered directly in the middle of campus. These arches, while not only being unique features, also have deep rooted history, being the location where couples would kiss goodnight before returning to their dorms, associated with them. They also provide a good view of the Green from either side, a view of the cherry blossoms in the spring, and a good view of Mentor’s circle. From a more artistic perspective, the arches also provide a good framing for the photos as well as good tools for posing. Overall, this location would provide amazing pictures as well as a genuine perspective of the campus which we all call home.

2. The fountain on the south Green 

The fountain on the south green is no secret as far as its role as an amazing picture spot on UD’s campus. Many sets of commitment day or graduation photos have been taken there, for good reason. The fountain is located in a prime location to be able to get expansive views of campus, from Memorial Hall to the southernmost part of the Green. It also is a focal point to campus, providing a contrast to the bricks which while integral to the landscapes of canvas, provide only a bricked color to the background. When filled, the fountain will include blue, from the water, and green, from the foliage of the Green, to add more dimension to your photos. The fountain provides a good, wide background, ideal for large group pictures, along with seats on the edge which facilitate posing. 

3. Old College Hall 

Old College Hall is both one of the most beautiful and historic buildings on campus. The areas surrounding this building, such as the tree lines path stretching from main street and Recitation Hall, also provide aesthetic backgrounds to include in your Instagram feed. The trees lining the path towards Old College Hall provide nice framing for photos, as do the columns on the uppermost part of the stairs to Old College Hall. Speaking of the stairs, they provide a geometric background facilitating posing, large group photos, and a wide variety of angles for photos. One of the other most inviting parts about taking photos in this location is that it is a more uncommon photo location, providing you with the opportunity to take amazing pictures which differ from others you may see from friends on your feed.

Regardless of where you choose to take photos on campus, any location will yield amazing results. The entirety of campus is full of amazing backgrounds, views, and colors which will be a great addition to your Instagram page and will add an air of a classic collegiate vibe. Depending on the purpose of your photoshoot, the locations named above may be some of the best to be photographed in Newark. That being said, if you find any location on campus that speaks to you and your aesthetic, be sure to take as many pictures as your heart desires. As long as you feel confident in the photos you are taking in the gorgeous location of your choice, your pictures will be stunning.