1D, It's Been Too Long

On March 25, 2015, the beloved Zayn Malik broke every tween heart and left One Direction. One Direction was this generation’s NSYNC or Backstreet boys; and if we’re going to go really big, I dare say that they are this generation’s Beatles. The boy band broke every record while winning over every girl’s heart. The five guys: Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam will have ever shaped the music industry. Even so, we can never erase the bitterness that comes with remembering that One Direction is still on a hiatus.

That’s right, One Direction decided to take a break in 2016 and let me tell you that it’s been much longer than the 18 months they promised us. Every heart broken girl began removing Tiger Beat posters off her wall when she realized they weren’t coming back and my friends had tears in their eyes when they found out in the middle of math class that Zayn had left the band.

So to One Direction I say, it’s been too long. I know your solo careers are doing pretty well but like, c’mon, we miss you. This week my friend decided it was “One Direction Week” in honor of three years since Zayn pulled a Judas.

We had One Direction to get us through the awful phase that was middle school and now we need them to get us through college. Just something to brighten those walks to  8 A.M classes or something to dance to at a dage. One Direction did us all dirty and it is time they came back.