UConn Majors as Told by That 70s Show

UConn is home to over 100 majors and each one is pretty unique, yet full of very specific groups of people. So I decided to hash them out for anyone who isn’t familiar: 

Disclaimer: All fun and games here. Everyone’s course loads are different. These are just common stereotypes within each major, and not necessarily the category that each person falls into. Please don’t @ me. 


Animal Science

Horse girls. 'Nuff said. 



“I’m a bio major on a pre-med track.” What does that even mean… seriously… what is this elusive ‘pre-med track’. All I know about biology majors is that they probably have to take orgo so I won’t say anything bad about them. They’ve been through enough I suppose. 



We know them all too well here at UConn. One out of every two frat boys is a business major, and you’ve probably matched with like a hundred business majors on Tinder, but if we know one thing about them, it’s that they sure know how to throw down 7 days a week. 



Ever met an engineering major that wasn’t running around stressing about literally everything? Probably not… my heart goes out to anyone in the engineering school! You’ll be rich one day, you got this!



English majors speak in eloquent metaphors, say words like “esoteric” and "furthermore" way too often, and listen to JuiceWorld in their 1999 Buick LeSabre. They’re going to judge you if the only “adult” books you’ve ever read are from the Percy Jackson series. Also, don't piss off an English major because they will out-argue you. 



Ahhh, nursing majors… we’re like your own personal WebMD… except probably a little more annoying and always complaining about something. But we’re cool once you get to know us!! We probably don’t have the time to chat though… ya know… clinicals and stuff. Gotta buy a stethoscope ASAP or I won’t graduate on time 



Basically a bunch of girls that know a TON about the opioid crisis and will eventually get paid six figures to count meds and know a lot about that really fast speaking part of drug commercials. 



Watch out for psychology majors because they WILL psychoanalyze everything you say and do for the rest of your life. Dangerous territory. Definitely be cautious.


Pretty much everyone at UConn

We’re all struggling here. Regardless of your major you probably hate your life like 75% of the time, and you should definitely be doing something other than reading this article. Go get ‘em, Huskies!!