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If you're putting off studying for finals, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best shows on Netflix to procrastinate with:

1) Jane The Virgin

This show has four seasons, 81 episodes total, on Netflix and I literally finished it in two weeks. If you’ve never heard of it, Jane the Virgin is about a virgin (obviously) who is accidentally artificially inseminated with a random guy’s baby. This show is all drama and has so many shocks. I promise that once you get into it, you will be obsessed. It’s one of those shows where once you’re done with it, you don’t know what to do with your life anymore. Especially because of the RIDICULOUS cliff hanger at the end of season 4. BUT they recently had the season 5 premiere on the CW so don’t be too devastated once you’re done.

2) The 100

I actually just started this show off a recommendation from one of my best friends, but it’s taking over my life. It’s like a post-apocalyptic-type thing; there is this nuclear war and basically everyone on Earth dies. So, a spaceship sends the only 100 survivors back to Earth to repopulate the planet. So far, I am addicted. Usually, the sci-fi thing isn’t for me, but don’t knock it until you try it. There are five seasons on Netflix, so this show is a binge-worthy show that’ll keep you busy over spring break.

3) New Girl

Okay this is one of those shows where the humor is so dumb sometimes, but it is hilarious. Some of the scenes literally made me pee my pants because I was laughing so hard. However, it also hits you in the other feels because it gets pretty intense and emotional at times. New Girl is about a girl who moves into an apartment with three guys after a rough breakup with her boyfriend. When I first started this show, I thought it was kind of stupid because the jokes can be corny and super-cringy, but I promise that it is so worth the watch. There were five seasons on Netflix, but they just added the sixth a couple weeks ago so get on it!

4) Switched At Birth

This show is an oldie-but-goodie. It’s from the days when ABC Family was still called ABC Family and not Freeform. As the title gives away, this show is about two girls who were Switched at Birth. This show addresses so many important issues and stereotypes, and the storyline is entirely different from a lot of other shows that are out there. Warning: You do have to pay close attention while watching because one of the main characters is deaf, so there are a lot of subtitles. With that said, the show is soooo good and I have re-watched it like 3 times since I first discovered it.

5) Criminal Minds

For those of you that haven’t seen this show, the time has come. If you’re into mysteries and drama, this is a must-watch. Also, completely unrelated to that, there is some serious man-candy on this show. One (beautiful) detective, Morgan, is a top reason that you need to see Criminal Minds. You’ve probably heard of this show before and if you haven’t, you probably live under a rock. But this show, as you may have guessed, follows different cases being pursued by FBI profilers in the Behavioral Analysis Unit. What’s different about this show is if you don’t want to watch the whole series, you don’t have to watch the episodes for it to be entertaining. You can usually navigate the individual episodes without having previous knowledge. STRONGLY recommend.

Hey, I'm Isabel! I'm a freshman at the University of Connecticut. My current major is Psychology. Alongside writing for Her Campus, I'm a peer-educator and work to spread awareness for mental health issues and eating disorders. Some of my favorite things include dogs, chai lattes, and reading.
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