Meet Simone Fournier: A Student of Hollistic Involvement

Name: Simone Fournier

Hometown: Putnam, CT

Year: Freshman

Major: Physiology and Neurobiology

Why did you choose UConn?

I chose UConn because, as pre-med, it offered so many great opportunities because it is a top tier research university. Also, I didn’t want to limit myself by going to a smaller college which focuses purely on science. At UConn. I have the ability to take a wide range of classes, as well as pick up a minor in gerontology (the study of aging), which I might not have been able to do at a smaller school.

What has your experience been like in the Honors Program?

Being a part of the Honors Program has been a great experience. It certainly made the transition to college easier because I was already a part of a community. The Honors community also made it easier to get in contact with older students for advice through programs such as the UNIV classes.

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m currently doing a lot on campus. I am VP of the Buckley Shippee Residence Hall Association. I participated in an alt break during the fall in NYC raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. I am also currently taking an EMT class. Last semester I was a Husky for a Day, but with the EMT class I’ve had less time this semester. In the Honors Program I am taking the class which prepares you for being a UNIV facilitator, which I am very excited to be. I am also a pledge in Alpha Beta Epsilon, the biology frat on campus. I also work in psych lab doing data entry and analyzing journals which come from the psychiatric hospital. Probably my favorite thing which I am involved in on campus is the volunteer work I do with Generations Connect. With this group I get to go to Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation as well as Mansfield Senior Center and build connections with senior citizens in Mansfield, which is great because it pertains to my major and eventually I would like to work in gerontology, which is the study of aging.

How did you get involved?

I got involved by talking to older students who I knew. I was involved in community service in high school, and I knew that was something which I wanted to continue in college. So last semester I started by volunteering with community outreach and found all of the other great groups I’m involved with through meeting people in community outreach. Also, as nerdy as it sounds, I always read the Daily Digest, which is how I came across the job that I have in the psychology lab.

What would you like to get involved in?

One of the things that I miss from high school is being part of a team. I was really involved in rowing at my school, so not having a team here has been a bit of a change. After the alt break that I went on to NYC and hearing my friends in the Honors Program talk about other alt breaks, I definitely want to get involved in Honors Across State Borders, which is an alt spring break program offered through the Honors Program. I’m definitely looking forward to becoming more involved in the Honors Program by becoming a UNIV facilitator. I would also really like to get a job on campus, preferably at the Student Health Center, to help me with patient hours for when I’m applying to med or PA schools. I’m also looking to join a social sorority next semester to help expand the network of people that I know.  

What is the best advice you can give to future freshmen?

The best advice that I can give someone is to get involved; don’t just focus on academics. Of course you should go to lecture, you’re paying for them and should want to get the most out of them, but school shouldn’t be your whole life. I highly recommend getting involved through volunteering. It’s a great way to meet new people and also give back to the community. In general though, just do things out of your comfort zone, you won’t regret it.