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Dressing for the Awkward Fall Transition

As we bid farewell to summer 2015, we also must sadly part with our favorite beachwear and cookout attire. It’s that time of year where the mornings are crisp and sweater-appropriate as you hurry to class; but by noon you’re overheated and questioning why you didn’t wear a tank top. Fall has hit, and along with it comes that yearly struggle of transitioning our wardrobes to fit this new awkward weather.



Don’t banish that cute flowy dress into the storage bins just yet! Transition this look from summery beach dress to a more fall-appropriate look by slipping on a solid-colored cardigan or even a jean jacket. Some closed-toed booties complete this look.



Even shorts can last a bit longer throughout the fall. Pair them with a lightweight long sleeved top, or a button-down. Simple converse are back in style and could tie this casual look together.


Tank Tops

Not ready to ditch your favorite loose tank or dressy halter that you wore all summer, or maybe didn’t get the chance to? Debut it’s new look this fall by adding a leather jacket or an angled cardigan, with either a skirt or a pair of jeans. A lightweight scarf adds a nice touch to any of these kinds of looks.


Incorporate fall-appropriate colors

To officially transition from summer to fall, one mustn’t forget to recognize the classic patterns and colors that make it official. Any plaid button-down, burgundies and golden-browns, and even matte black will serve as a cute and chic summer-to-fall outfit.


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