Being the Single Friend as Told by New Girl

At one point in all of our lives, we were probably “the single friend”. You know what I mean; when all of your friends are dating or in relationships or at least have a “special friend” to hang out with, while you’re sat at home, alone, watching Netflix in all of your single glory. Don’t get me wrong, being perpetually single can be really awesome; you get used to your own company, you get to know yourself really well, and you’re that strong, independent woman your momma raised you to be. But, hey, we’re human, and sometimes we get lonely. It doesn’t help when it seems like everywhere you look there’s a couple displaying a gross amount of PDA. So after all that Netflix viewing, we’ve discovered that the characters of New Girl can really sum up how it feels to be that 20-something year old spinster… 


When everyone wants to go on a “couple date” and you end up being the 5th wheel


After your friend and their significant other rub their cute, disgusting relationship in your face


When your friend comes home to find you in the same spot on the couch that they left you in


When you’re just a little bit in your feels


After watching your 5th rom-com of the night


When one of your family members asks if you’re finally seeing someone


After that blind date your friend set you up on, swearing that you’d hit it off 


When your therapy session starts to get a little too real 


Seeing the umpteeth couple making out in the middle of public


When you meet another single friend to commiserate with 


Getting real with your friends about how sh*tty other people can be 


Finally accepting that it’s just not your time and you’re not going to meet anyone anytime soon


How your Friday night usually goes


Forcing your friends to acknowledge National Singles Day, because yes, that’s a thing


When you've been out of practice for waaaay too long


And when someone finally asks you on a date


Good luck out there, fellow singles! Just know that the loft gang has your back.