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Student Government Elections

It’s election season! You’ve probably seen all the posters scattered around campus, been invited to a Facebook event to promote a candidate, or maybe even gone to the Student Government (SG) debates. Make sure to vote from April 19 to 21, Tuesday to Thursday, in the SG elections for the 2011–2012 academic year. You can place your vote at sg.uchicago.edu. The candidates’ and slates’ positions are on the SG website so you can figure out who would best represent you and your needs.
The executive slate consists of three positions: President, Vice President of Administration, and Vice President of Student Affairs. Candidates run as a three-person team. The executive slate is responsible for being both a voice for the student body and a direct link to the administration and faculty in order to help implement initiatives and improvements for the student body. Slate also has power over allocations given to RSOs and can appoint students to university and SG committees.
Slates running for the 2011–2012 academic year:
United Students Alliance:
President—David Akinin
Vice President of Administration—Neil Shah
Vice President of Student Affairs—Ben Yu
President—Youssef Kalad
Vice President of Administration—Forrest Scofield
Vice President of Student Affairs—Meher Kairon
Uncommon Fun:President—Adam Hemmings
Vice President of Administration—Dexter O’Connell
Vice President of Student Affairs—Nicho Kelly
Moose Party:
President—Joseph Ebb
Vice President of Administration—Robertson Dorsett
Vice President of Student Affairs—Matthew Luchins
The Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees also serves on the executive cabinet and SG committees. The Liaison meets with the Board of Trustees, the University, and senior administrators to voice the concerns and interests of the student body.
Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:
Nakul Singh
Sean Graf
Katie Burkhart
Xiafei Zhang

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