Vote: Emily Pulliam!

We are proud to announce that this week's Campus Cutie is one of our very own, Emily Elizabeth Pulliam!

Emily is a Junior Kappa Delta sister, recently witnessed her fabulous twenty-first, earned last month's title of Writer of the Month and is currently running for ASG Senate! Congratulations, Emily!

We would like to remind you all to vote for Emily in the Senate elections! You can vote for her by clicking right here during election time!

So, what makes Emily such a cutie and worthy of serving on ASG Senate? The answer is simple - Emily is kindhearted, devoted, and seeks to appeal to the masses. As a writer for Her Campus, Emily enjoys reaching out to the young, fun-loving young women across our campus by creating relatable and zesty articles for everyone to enjoy. Once again, good luck, Emily! We will all be rooting for you!