Princess Party Venue Emerges in NWA

The "princess party" market in Fayetteville is a massive one.

One company has truly earned its "fairy wings" here in Fayetteville, though - and that is none other than the new "Princess Party Palace" of Northwest Arkansas! Having not even opened their doors to the public yet, the princess party company has recieved an outpour of support from the community in response to their venue - the only one of its kind here in Fayetteville. 

When booking a party, one of the questions that any client is asked is something along the lines of: "Do you have a venue?" Because of the immediately accessible "palace" space right in the heart of Fayetteville, "no" is seldom a response anymore. 

Princess Party Palace features many traditional princess faces, including "Princess Beauty", "The Snow Princess" and "The Ice Queen" - but it doesn't end there. Princess Party Palace hosts parties with a number of both classic and new faces, and little princes are invited to party with them as well. Popular characters such as "The Pirate Captain", "American Hero" and "Charming Prince" are available as well!

With a gorgeous and entirely character-dedicated cast, the company is already a hit among children and adults across NWA. The company will also send their princesses to other venues, if one has already been chosen. For booking and prices, you can e-mail [email protected], or you can call at (479) 799-6133. You can find the palace at 925 College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR. For quick booking, click here! Don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!