Flare Pants: A Fall Must Have

As New York Fashion Week approaches, I can’t help but think of what I want to see on the runway.  This year it's flare pants. They’ve made a come back since the 70s and while there are plenty of fashion statements made during that decade that should probably never be seen again, flare pants may be one of the best contributions from the disco era. They come in every shape, size, and form and can be worn to any event, to run errands in, or just around the house. A staple piece for every closet.

Here are a few ways to style your flare pants.


If you work 9-5, these pants are the perfect fix to a long workday. Pair them with a nice button down or a blazer to wow your coworkers.

On the streets

These pants were popular at music festivals this spring/summer, but I think they are the best fit for fall.  Wear a loose fitting sweater, or really jump back to the 70s with a textured cardigan that gives these pants an extra boho flare.

Girls Night Out

I’ve always been a sucker for leather, especially leather jackets, but this last pair of flare pants make me swoon. Leather and flare pants! Can we just all take a moment to appreciate these beauties? If you want to make this outfit pop even more, pair these pants with a red tank top or sweater. Also, how great of a game day outfit would that make? WPS.