10 Hilarious Ways to Shelf Your Elf

If you're anything like me, you stumble right over Halloween and Turkey Day and fall face-first into bowl of garland and peppermints. I never grew up in a house with a tremendous amount of Halloween excitement and Thanksgiving was, honestly, about food and a nap. Christmas was really the time that my family came together and enjoyed themselves - everything was just so darn quiet and happy. Traditionally, this cute-and-kind of creepy little Elf on the Shelf is a household staple for the Christmas holiday, but my family never introduced him to my sister and I. Parents always had this fun and creative way to keep their kids in line with Santa's grinning see-all, know-all. I started thinking about my own Elf, if I had one, and what sort of fun layouts I could use...and then I realized that, clearly, I am not as creative as these parents.

But who said you had to be a parent to have fun with your Elf on the Shelf?

People love to name their Elf by using the generic and kid-friendly "letter of your first name, month you were born" chart. It looks something like this: 


However, as a young adult, we may be more prone to use something as laughable as this:


So, in my case, Santa's litter helper is evidently going to be called "Pickled Lushypants", which doesn't sound that appealing/promising. Let's see what our elf is up to...

Mildly concerned Creeped out.


Look, it's Magic Pickled Lushypants.


Didn't think I would be home so soon? I get out of class at 3!


Everyone needs a scape-elf.


Awww, he can be kinda sweet.


But if we're just being honest, guys...


This guy watches us day and night and reports all of the bad stuff to Santa...


What a freaking snitch.


Thanks, Robinwood Photography, for letting us use your awesome shots!