Tips to Stay Warm In The NOLA Fall

A typical fall in New Orleans consists of pretty much the same thing as everyone else’s summer- temps in the mid-70s, warm breezes, shorts and light sweaters easily thrown on. Yet this past week has been quite the reality check for those of us hoping to get a break from the typical frigid autumn weather. With temperatures dropping as low as the 30s (UGH), its hard to figure out how to stay warm- and fashionable- armed with a closet filled to the brim with summer staples. Here are few tips to make the next week of chilly weather a breeze!


The beanie is a trendy way of facing the cold while still looking hot. This season beanies are back and better than ever with hundreds of styles. Brandy Melville, PacSun or even the Tulane Bookstore are great places grab a beanie that pairs easily with your favorite jeans and boots. Pick a neutral tone to blend into the dull fall colors, or a bright knit to add dimension to an otherwise drab outfit.


Layering is basically a life-saver to keep you warm with a limited cold-weather wardrobe.  Pair your favorite lightweight tee or tank with a pair of jeans that you have hidden behind all those shorts you have in your closet. Top it off with a flannel/ zip up sweatshirt, and add whatever lightweight jacket you can find! Puffy vests have also proven to be surprisingly protective during these frigid days. Check out Free People for some cute layering ideas. 


While most of us normally rock converse or slip ons to class, swapping out those low-cut shoes for a pair of booties can surprisingly make a huge difference in your trek to class through the Tulane tundra. Pick a pair that covers your ankles, and toss on some mid-calf socks to ensure your feet are warm and ready. Combat boots, such as these Doc Martens, are also perfect cold-weather shoe that blend perfectly with every outfit.