Easy Finals Week Dorm-Room Snacks

With finals approaching, our schedules are becoming more and more hectic- leaving minimal time to get the proper nutrients we need. Who has time to schlep to Bruff and try food from every station in between tests and studying?! Here are a few simple ideas to save time and money while eating yummy, easy snacks in your dorm room. 

1. MAC N CHEESE.... in a MUG

Doesnt get more exciting than this!!! 

2.  Classic Baked Potato

Filled with nutrients and the flexbility to dress it up however you want, potatoes are an easy and cheap staple! 

3. Microwaveable BRUNCH

If you're feeling adventurous on a busy finals-week Sunday why not cook up a quick and filling dorm brunch to keep you going?

4.  The classic Mug Cake 

Check out this site that gives you a bunch of creative spins on the classic mug cake- perfect to soothe those late-night junk food cravings.