Film Cuties: Evan Fantozzi and Kristina Chang



Evan Fantozzi

Kristina Chang


E: 2018

K: 2016



K: Spanish and Biology (Minor in Portuguese)


E: Chapel Hill, NC

K: Pittsford, NY

So how did you guys meet?

E: Fooooooocus. Except she definitely forgot my name for a while, even though I was a support staff in her church. She kept calling me “this guy.”

K: So I knew Evan by face from a Portuguese class I audited but we really met for real during FOCUS this year.  He was a support staffer and I was a FOCUS leader.  He was kind of quiet at first but I think we hit it off really easily after the first day or so.

What are you involved with on campus?

E: FOCUS, Theta Chi, AMPT, First-Gen Student Council, TASTE, Tufts Literacy Corps

K: Wow so I am not that involved.  I am involved in FOCUS and Tufts Burlesque Troupe

Single? Taken? It’s complicated?

E: Eh, too lazy to try

K: Taken

What’s your favorite thing about one another?

E: From the outside, it seems like Kristina doesn’t get phased by what others think. Like when we were filming, she had to wear an all-denim outfit, and just sorta rocked it when we went back to eat lunch at the campus center. I would’ve been so self-conscious.

K: Evan is literally just a nice human being.  He is so level headed. I discovered while we were collaborating on a paper that he is a deep thinker.  Plus he is so much fun to be around!!!! And he doesn't mind when I always try to brush his hair to one side.

Something people might not know about you?

E: We’re kinda maybe going to be YouTube famous!

K: Literally my life goal is to become YouTube famous and be discovered by important people and never have to work again. Oh and I do a really good chicken imitation.

Funniest moment together?

E: AHHHH IDK the chicken photoshoot?


K: Probably when I changed in the middle of the parking lot and Evan was so surprised that he jumped and turned away. That was really funny.

Most embarrassing moments?

E: Last year when we had all that snow, I tripped and ate it trying to run to a pizza delivery man. Because of how snowy/icy it was, I ended up sliding all the way to his feet.

K: You know when you have too much coffee in Tisch and you´re slouching in your chair and you´re like “Oh sh*t I´m really gassy”?  That happened and I really let one rip in the purple hallway when it was full and then pretended I didn´t notice.

What do you look for in a partner?

E: I think I look for the same things in friends and partners -- honesty/loyalty

K: Respect, dedication, love, and refusing to let life be boring

Deal breakers?

E: Being a 2016 presidential candidate with the initials DJT

K: Poor hygiene/smelling bad