7 Clothing Trends Guys Will Never Understand


Collegiettes love filling there closets with the latest styles! But what do guys think about our tight tops, slouchy sweaters, and other fashion trends? Here’s what they had to say about our top seven clothing items they will never understand!


1. High-Waisted Shorts


High-waisted shorts have made their way back into almost every Collegiette’s wardrobe. Matched with a dressier blouse or worn to add some coverage with a cute crop top, they can make a perfectly stylish outfit. But what do guys have to say about this 80’s throwback?

“How does it feel? It’s like not at your waist…it’s like…up.”

“What are high-waisted shorts?”

“They’re kinda funny looking.”



2. Peplums


Who doesn’t love a cute peplum top paired with your favorite skinny jeans and heels? They can add a feminine flair to any outfit! However, boys said the following about this style:

“It’s looks like um…a ballerina thing.”

“Sounds like a…pebble?”

“It looks like a giant ruffle. That’s what it is, right?”


3. Tall Boots


It seems as though every Collegiette considers her tall boots a staple in her wardrobe (or at least for the Collegiettes at Tufts!) They’re perfect with almost any outfit—especially when the temperature starts dropping. Apparently the guys had different thoughts…

“They take up half your leg!”

“I don’t get it. How do you move your ankle?”

“I guess they look nice.”



4. Crop Tops


Almost all Collegiettes have at least one crop top hidden away somewhere in her closet, only making appearances for the weekend parties. Even though they’re definitely a popular item and can make a cute party outfit, crop tops also the topic of so many debates! Here’s what the guys had to say:

 “Why would you ruin a shirt like that?”

“Did you get that at the Baby Gap?”

“Modest is hottest sometimes…you know what I’m saying?”



5. High-Low Dresses


Love them or hate them, high-low dresses are definitely in style right now! This unique cut stands out from other dresses and works for both casual or dressy events. This is what the guys had to say…

“Are you trying to have a tail on your back?”

“Pick a theme! You can’t be like cocktail and ball gown at the same time…just pick one.”

 “Honestly…you remind me of a napkin.”



6. Shoulder Pads


Although they don’t seem to be too popular on the Tufts campus, shoulder pads have made their way back into the fashion scene. What did boys have to say about this trend?

“What? Are you trying out for the NFL?”

“I truly do not like that.”

“Throwing it back to my mother’s wedding dress…”



7. Over-sized Sweaters



Doesn’t every Collegiette has that one super warm, super comfy over-sized sweater they refuse to take off for the majority of winter? How do guys feel about our cozy obsession?

“You look like a home-less person.”

“I don’t know.”

“Can I borrow it?”



Guys might not understand our fashion trends, but that shouldn’t stop us from wearing our cutest (or comfiest) outfits! If you can wear it with confidence, who cares what other people think? I, for one, will definitely still be wearing my over-sized sweaters and tall boots throughout winter (regardless of how many times I’m mistaken for a hobo…) But, don’t forget to stay classy Collegiettes!

And, some food-for-thought from one of our guys:

“Because if you think about it…at the end of the day…what are clothes?”


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Photos courtesy of: http://weheartit.com

Edited by Allie Kendall