Dopey The Bear Clothing- Eliot Drake

 I recently got the chance talk with Texas Tech freshman, Eliot Drake who is also the founder of Dopey The Bear Clothing. He is very ambitious and  is going after his dreams. Here is what he had to say about his clothing company:

What is the official name for the clothing line?
- The official name of my brand is Dopey The Bear.
What is the official founding date/year?
- The brand started in August 2010, But I didnt really make a push for the brand to start till October.
How did you come up with the name?
- The name is generated from all sorts of things, pertaining to the way I appear, walk, act. I tried to make the brand very personal.
Are there other associated with the brand? If so who are they & what are their roles?
- No, I run the brand independently.
Is there a meaning or reason behind the name of your clothing company?
- I’m sure the name of the brand gets stereotyped, but my goal for creating the brand is to show that individuals should have an equal chance to advance economically through talent and hard work.
Now on to some different questions:
How would you describe the style of your clothing?
- I would say the style of clothing I have produced in the past would be categorized as streetwear. I’m currently making a transition and changing the style of clothes I will be releasing for the brand.
Are there any of clothing designers that you look up to?
- Benny Gold certainly. I look up to him because he’s a one man army that I plan on being. Handles everything from the design process to packaging himself.
 What clothing designer do you wear a lot of?
- Anything I like. I’m not concerned on name brand, quality over everything.
 Who are you wear RIGHT NOW?
- Samba Adidas, Fitted Jeans, Hundreds Beanie
 If you had to describe your brand in 3-4 words, what would they be?
- Simply Just Dopey
On to more personal questions:

 What has been the biggest challenge for you with your clothing company?
- Marketing is always a challege. You have to find ways to be creative and get your brand message out the same way.
  What can people expect to see in any future designs of yours?
- Hand made, quality products.
  Are there any new designs currently in the makings?
- I’m currently finishing up my Flaws Collection that I plan on releasing in the coming month or so, and have started the process on my latest collection.
 When can people buy your designs?
- You could buy my designs off the shop on the website.
 How would you define success? 
- I define success by the amount of people you inspire. Everyone is inspired by someone. Continuing the cycle of creative minds and allowing others to express themselves in their own way is how I define success.