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Zachary Smith

Name: Zachary Smith


Class: Freshman


Major: Biology


Hometown: DeBary, FL


Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle ;)


Hobbies: Volleyball!


Freshman Bucket List: Keep a 4.0, visit as many colleges as I can, create a different identity at another college


Favorite part about Towson: The people are so open to meet you/socialize.


Dream Job: To be a bio engineer—genetically engineer plants to be resistant to disease.


Favorite Place: A rocky beach in Maine


Celeb Crush: Mila Kunis


Most Attractive thing in a girl: Charisma 


Favorite TV Show: South Park or Prison Break


Favorite food: Mac and Cheese with Hot Dogs in it!


Something people don’t know: Although I’m loud and outgoing, I have a soft side and like to listen to people’s feelings.

Ex-cheerleader, professional smiler, future life-changer.I'm a freshman at Towson University and loving every second of it! 
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