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Zach Brech ’16

Name: Zach Brech

Class: Junior

Activitites:  Swimming, swimming, and more swimming.

Hometown: Upperdoublin, PA

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Part about Towson: Towson Volleyball

Dream Job:  This is really common to say, but getting paid to do absolutely nothing!

Favorite Place: The beach — always near water.

Celeb Crush: Shakira

Most Attractive Thing in a Girl: Responsibility. But really, her butt.

Something People Don’t Know: I attempted to swallow a nickel when I was a kid so I had to go to the ER.

Anything Else you Want Her Campus Towson to Know?  I don’t get mad easily. I’m super laid back, a total bro…but serious!


Ex-cheerleader, professional smiler, future life-changer.I'm a freshman at Towson University and loving every second of it! 
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