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Top 10 Beauty Trends: Spring 2012

The leaves are back; flowers are popping up…looks like spring is here!! Straight from the runway to magazines, these top beauty trends for spring are a great way to embrace the season. The great thing is, you may even have some of these in your collections already and if you don’t, you can find them fairly easily.

Bright, colorful lips

It’s all about that pop of color this spring! Pinks, reds, oranges, and everything in between, bright lips are SO in! Revlon is a personal favorite in drugstore lipsticks, especially since their wear is typically pretty long. To keep color vibrant all day, begin with smooth, moisturized lips, then use a lip pencil to fill in the color and work as a base. Then add your lipstick and add some lip gloss for a flirty touch!

Bold, Winged liner

Winged liner has been around for a while now, and is a simple way to brighten your eyes and have a pulled together look. This look is best achieved with a liquid liner, or gel liner with a thin brush. There are several online tutorials to achieve this look, and it definitely takes practice! When doing this bold liner, stay neutral with eye shadows as well as the rest of the face. The focus is all on the eyes, and if you’re feeling daring pop on some false lashes!

Colorful Hair

This trend has popped up everywhere, even Lauren Conrad is sporting pink tips! Now, I’m not saying go out and buy boxes of hair dye and dye your hair crazy colors. It’s all about moderation. Whether you want a pop of color to the ends, or maybe a streak or two, this look is fairly easy to achieve and super fun! There are both non permanent and semi permanent ways to add the color to hair. The most popular colors of the season are pinks and teal/blue. Hair color typically works best on lighter hair, so for darker hair you may need to use some hair bleach before adding the color, which in my experiences comes with the colors in the boxes.

Fuller Eyebrows

Say goodbye to over plucking! Full, thick eyebrows are a beautiful trend sported by many. If you have over-tweezed a bit, just let your eyebrows grow out a little more, but you can also use eyebrow pencils, or a light colored eye shadow to fill in your eyebrows. Search YouTube for demonstrations, or you could go find a local Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar where they specialize in brow treatments.

Metallic Eye Shadow

Silver, gold, bronze, you name it, metallics are in! The bright sheen is very flattering on the eyes and can be a subtle pop of color to add to any neutral eye looks. Gold and silver typically contrast, due to the warm vs. cool tones, but definitely incorporate them in your eye looks! You could even add a pop of metallics in a liquid eyeliner.

Glowing Dewey Skin

Glowy, dewey, clear skin. Having that healthy glow is great for the new spring weather! Don’t mistake this trend for oil and shine. Using a highlighter…not from your desk, but a light powder or cream to dust over certain points of your face, such as the top of the cheeks, bridge of nose, cupids bow(center top of lips).


These aren’t your average braids. Cool, funky, twisty designs that will set you above the rest! The “waterfall” braid has become very popular, and is similar to a French braid, however it wraps around your head. Braids are great for second day hair, or to spice up a simple look! They are great with all types of hair: straight, wavy or curly!


This one’s more a trend for fashion, but using pastel eyeshadows, or even light pinks on the lips and cheeks will suffice. Pastels are lighter toned colors that look great out in the nice weather. A new trend with the colored hair, as mentioned, is using actual pastels to color strands of hair for a semi permanent looks.

Colorful Designed Nails

Nails are fairly versatile, and if you’re not into hair and makeup, then this trend is great for you! You don’t have to be an artist to achieve this look! Patterns are in, and there are stickers and stamps to help out those who don’t have such a steady hand! You can change up your look with some fresh new polish, and the nails are a great way to incorporate the pastels trend as well! A trend now is painting one nail, typically the ring finger or middle finger, a different color than the rest. Can’t decide between two different colors? Choose both!

Loose Ponytails


Last but not last, one of the easiest trends is great for running late to class, and for second day unwashed hair. The more texture the better, but if your hair is perfectly straight or curled, you can definitely still rock this look! To achieve this look, you can tease some sections of hair by backcombing sections to create volume. Then put your hair into a ponytail towards the bottom of your neck. Just pull out a few strands in the front to help frame your face, and you look effortlessly glamorous!


Hopefully you can incorporate some of the new spring trends with your current style. Not only are they fun, but they are also easy and inexpensive ways to keep up to date with the season, without breaking the bank! Enjoy the nice weather and positive energy that spring has to offer! Summer is near!

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