Tips for maintaining a fresh vagina

1. Keep it hair FREE

Whether you wax, shave, laser, or use any kind of hair removal lotion, it is crucial to keep it hair free down there. Hair holds moisture, bacteria, and odors. When hair stays down there it produces sweat when you walk, this, in turn, causes moisture which is one thing that you do not need when trying to maintain a fresh vagina. 

2. Wipe from front to back

In case you did not know this, the proper way to wipe your booty when going potty is beginning with the vagina going backward (front to back). This eliminates the possibility of wiping feces from the buttocks to the vagina. 

3. Make wipes your friend

When using the restroom, include baby wipes in your routine. Using solely toilet paper will leave debris and that leaves unpleasant odors. Baby wipes will combat this by picking up all the access remains left over from the toilet paper alone. Although it does not replace a shower, it keeps the vagina fresher than dry tissue. Once you have used the baby wipes, give your vagina a little time to dry off. This means taking a couple seconds to a minute to let the moisture of the baby wipes go away. If you are low on time, a quick fan down would not hurt. Again, moisture breeds bacteria and that is not what we want when trying to keep a fresh va jay jay. 

4. Deodorant Spray

Arguably, some may recommend the use of deodorant sprays because they will help absorb moisture from the vagina.  I shout arguable because most products such as Summers Eve, tend to have fragrances in their products. This is not a good thing, you want to keep the vagina as scent free as possible. If you can find and scentless vaginal deodorant spray then you are good. SCENTLESS SCENTLESS SCENTLESS!!!!!!!

5. Cotton Undies

The panties you wear will play a big role in the moisture production of your va jay jay. Cotton is the number one recommended underwear because it is breathable and it is moisture absorbent. Silk is the absolute worst! Now I'm not saying that you should absolutely stay away from the silks, but wear them in moderation. Also, thongs....... wear those in moderation as well, you do not want to continuously press your va jay jay against fabric all day every day. It needs to breathe.  

6. Uncross those legs!

Now, what most females do not realize is that when they cross their legs for a long duration of time, it tightens the vagina. When the vagina is tight it once again produces this thing called moisture. Sometimes it is okay to just uncross the legs. While on a plane ride, bus, sitting through a long class, etc. try not to cross your legs. Your vagina will thank you.

7. Go commando

It is perfectly okay to freeball when you go to sleep at night. Give your vagina its time to breathe and air out. 


                           We all hate dealing with unpleasant va jay jays ..... so hopefully, incorporating a few of these tips will help you maintain a fresh vag (especially as the spring approaches)