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Music Monday: September 22th, 2014


Summer has officially come to an end — how depressing. But don’t worry, just because it’s getting cold doesn’t mean the party is over! To help us get through these hard times:

Hard Times, by Asher Roth ft. Casey Veggies & Kids These Days

As most of us sing the woes of wanting warm weather as it progressively gets colder and colder, let’s look forwards to all the good things about fall:

  • Leggings as pants for the rest of the year
  • Football is back
  • Cute boots
  • Knee socks
  • Pumpkin Spice everything

And last but not least,

  • Sweaters, sweaters, sweater weather

So to get us back into the fall weather mood:

Sweater Weather, by The Neighbourhood

You know how there’s always that one person who talks about about their summer constantly? Or when your roommate just won’t stop talking about that one cute guy in her English class, and you just kind of want to tell them to shut up? This song this is dedicated to those people.

Do I Wanna Know?, by Arctic Monkeys

We all have that one artist that we all love for some strange reason and this year’s — I think you’ll agree with me here — is Ed Sheeran. So to show love to our favorite fiery headed Brit:

I See Fire, By Ed Sheeran

And then there’s those nights where nothing is going your way. We’ve all had those nights, right? This song just about sums up that feeling for us:

Habits (Stay High), by Tove Lo

But ladies, don’t worry. Me and T-Swift are here for you. We’ll get you through this we promise; so just hang out with your bestie and:

Shake It Off, By Taylor Swift

Just to make sure this weather doesn’t get you down let’s have Queen B and Nicki Minaj tell you what you should already know, you are…

***Flawless, by Beyoncé ft. Nicki Minaj


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