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Music Monday: April 7th

You know how they say April showers, May bring flowers, well to that I say, finally! This Spring has been way overdue if I do say so myself. It’s time to dust off your favorite pair of sandals, grab a cute top, and some

Cheap Sunglasses, by RAC ft. Matthew Koma

After such a long and fridged Winter I know the one thing all of us are asking from the Sun is to

Love Me Again, by John Newman

To keep the ball rolling on the the airy Spring music, here’s a song thats bound to get stuck in your head,

La La La, by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith

If the weather is only reminding you that you’re still in school and not at the beach, it’s okay the semsester is almost over so just keep

Hanging On (I SEE MONSTAS Remix), by Ellie Goulding

We all know about Miley Cyrus, love or hate her we still listen to her. What you might not know is that one of our own Towson Tigers and his friend Farosty did a remix of Miley’s song 23. Freshman, Riley Battaglia not only made a mixtape over Winter break while we all slept in, he started his own production label named Harco Records. If you haven’t heard Miley’s 23, well here you go! And don’t forget to support our fellow TU Tiger Riley (Rillz, The 5ker)

23, by Mike Will Made It ft. Miley Cyrus

23.5, by Rillz and Farosty

(Check out Harco Records Website too, http://www.harcorecords.com/)

Towson has some of the fierciest girls on campus fashion wise, so just remeber to kill it not only on campus but on the beach too, we Tigers are literally

Fashion Killas, by A$AP Rocky

We all know Summer is fast approaching, and  don’t worry you look fantastic. Grab that crop top and

Own It, by Mack Wilds

And end this playlist, let’s just remeber the all important words of Queen B, we are

***Flawless, by Beyoncé


The link to this playlist is below for you enjoyment and pleasure, I hope you like this weeks playlist!

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