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The Dare that Went Extremely Right

A little while ago I was faced with a dare from the lovely ladies of Her Campus Towson.  We decided that it would be fun to give everyone that writes for us at Towson a dare and then when you did it, you have to right an article about it.  I got my dare, read it aloud to the girls and thought to myself, Oh this shouldn’t be too hard.

I could hear the time ticking by as I carried my piece of paper with the dare written on it home with me. I kept reading it, “Get a hot guys #.”  What I hadn’t realized up until this point was:

1. I’m extremely picky

2. Finding a hot guy is a lot harder than you would think.

I’m pretty shy, but my original idea was to just go up to someone who I thought was attractive in the dining hall.  When it came time to actually do it, of course I chickened out… but then a friend told me he had an attractive friend. I was like, “Cool set me up.”  He never did.  Cute guy in my Family Studies class? Yeah I didn’t ask him either.  Time was ticking away and before I knew it, it was the end of the week.

Just when I thought I would never find a guy and complete the dare BOOM!  It happened out of nowhere.  I went to a frat party and started talking to this pledge.  Then I realized I had lost my friends and needed to look for them.

            “I need to go find my friends.”

            “Okay so go find them.”

            “Will you be here when I get back?”

            “I’ll be here all night.”

            “But what if I can’t find you?”

            “Well here, let me give you my number.”

            “I can’t find my phone.”

            “Okay fine, give me your number.”

BOOM!  I completed the dare.  Of course that wasn’t my goal while I was talking to him, which brings me to my point.

When trying to find a hot guy, whether is be looking for a relationship, a hookup, etc. the true secret is don’t go looking.  Things will happen when they’re meant to.  Until then ladies, just keep doing your thing and being marvelous!  The guys will come to you.            

Ex-cheerleader, professional smiler, future life-changer.I'm a freshman at Towson University and loving every second of it! 
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