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Coping with Cuddle Season Breakup

Cuddle season is over ladies! Unfortunately, this means some of us will be getting over a relationship too. But don’t fret, it’ll get better and we’re here to help!

Let nature take its course.

You are going to experience a lot of emotions. Let them happen. One day you will be okay and want to sing and dance around to P!nk’s So What and other days, you’ll just want to lie in bed and cry and eat some good old chocolate ice-cream. It is all okay. Everyone has different ways of dealing with things. Our constant change in emotion is just our natural way of coping. It is all a part of a long process of healing. Just make sure you are acting and thinking rationally.

Surround yourself by those You love.

There are benefits to being alone during these hardships sometimes but, it is even better to be around good vibes and good people. Friends and family remind you that there are always people out there who love you, even when a stupid guy may not. Talking and being around these people are a good source of ventilation and distraction. Allow people into your life with open arms and an open heart. They are here to help!

Keep yourself busy.

Do anything, DO EVERYTHING! Do any and everything that YOU want and love. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to keep your mind off things. Granted, this may only be temporary but the more you do things the faster it’ll take you to heal. Doing things that you want and love is even better because it gives you a sense of individuality and independence. Talk to people, join new groups, pick up a new healthy habit there is so much to do.

Remind yourself that you are great.

Breakups tend to make us feel crappy about ourselves which lowers confidence and self-esteem. Take the time to remind yourself that everything is and will be okay and that you are not a bad person. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Lay in bed and say I am great over and over in your head, or even write out a list of all the things that make you great. Refrain from beating yourself up. It will only make you feel worse.

Refrain from or limit your alcohol intake.

Or drugs for that matter. Our first inclination is to reach for a drink in order to drown away the pain and this is unhealthy. There are other means of “drowning out the pain” that are much better options. Using drugs or alcohol after a breakup fuels our negative emotions and can cause us to act irrationally. Avoid sending out that embarrassing drunken text!

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