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5 Iconic Places To Go For A Facial In The GTA

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Skincare is a form of self-love, and here are some perfect spots to treat yourself. Whether you are alone or with friends, these five spots in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are perfect for relaxing, result-oriented facials.

5. Pure + Simple 

Number five on our list is Pure + Simple. This is an adorable franchise with “super-natural” facials ranging from their “og” pure and simple facial to their more elevated treatments like the sea salt microdermabrasion.

This treatment is said to detox the skin while exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. This process of removing dead skin is typically recommended by specialists once a month to keep the face looking youthful.

Being a top-rated spot on Google, you can treat yourself to one of their treatments at any of their seven locations across the GTA. 

4. The Toronto Apothecary

For a more traditional type of facial, try a buccal face massage at The Toronto Apothecary wellness store and clinic.

Face masks, exfoliation, and cooling masks aren’t the only way to give your face a youthful boost. This spa in Toronto uses a different method to rescue and form the face through gua sha, lymphatic drainage, and facial cupping. These sets of facial reflexology treatments are definitely an iconic way to treat your skin. 

3. Glow Beauty Bar

The Glow Beauty Bar, located in Etobicoke, is a great place to get luxurious facials if you are willing to splurge. This beauty bar tailors their treatments to your skin type and offers immediate and long-lasting results.

They offer quite a few common express facials that are all under $100. However, they also offer other beauty treatments like micro-needling, green masks, and jet peels. These high-end treatments start at $180 and go up to a whopping $1,500 for their “Mela-Bright” peel series. 

2. Rosewater Spa

This spot is in Downtown Oakville on a quaint, cute street facing the lake. It calls for a very relaxing and laid-back experience where you can truly spoil yourself.

Their specialty is the “Custom Facial,” where you get to consult with a skin therapist and receive a combined set of treatments according to your skin concerns. This 65-minute treatment includes a facial analysis, targets problem spots, and repairs skin.

1. Laser Clinics Canada: Square One 

Sitting at number one is this clinic in the Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. With an affordable price range, professionally certified medical aestheticians, and treatments tailored to your skin type, this is a true go-to for all skin care needs.

Her Campus at Toronto MU spoke with Susie Dantas, owner of the newly opened clinic that has already gotten many positive reviews from clients.

“A great skincare routine with medical grade products and advanced skin treatments monthly is like good nutrition and exercise — they work together to ensure you see visible, lasting change,” Dantas said. “One without the other just won’t cut it.”

They offer many facials you may have already seen trending on Instagram like the hydro jelly face mask, LED light therapy, and microdermabrasion. The team is highly trained in skin treatments and provides unique and tailored treatments for your facial needs. 

Prisha Dev

Toronto MU '25

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